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Get to know the horses… at ground level. A fun, interactive experience for all ages! We'll share some basic horse knowledge and fun facts, while you get hands-on experience grooming the horses, and a bag of carrots to feed 'em all a sweet treat! Photos will be taken during your close and personal horse encounter to capture all the memorable moments. 


1 hour- $60/ per guest. Limit 6

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10 yr old QuarterHorse Gelding , sweet & gentle 

Bitsy 2.png


Bitsy is sweet & petite standing at 13.3 hh. She is a 13 year old, gaited Rocky Mountain Horse mare, perfect for small riders and pony rides. Weight limit: 140 lbs. 

Black Jack 1.png

Black Jack

Blackjack is a 25 year-old Quarter Horse gelding, standing at about 15.1 hands. He is the ultimate gentleman with his sweet and easy-going personality. You can bet on Blackjack for a great ride, every time.

Weight limit: 220 lbs 

Jr 1.png


Junior is a spunky little 14.3 hh Appaloosa gelding has many nickames: Carl's Jr, Junior, CJ, Carl, Cheeseburger, and Surfer Dude. Junior is 15 years old with more go than whoa and is mostly used as a guide horse.

Weight limit: 170. Advanced riders only. 

Elmo 1.png


Elmo is a 15.3 hh BLM Mustang... and pretty much a giant puppy dog! You can find him often roaming freely around the ranch... greeting guests and happily accepting carrots.

Small riders only.

Weight limit: 60 lbs. 

Penny 1.png


Pretty Penny is a 21 year-old Mustang mare. Her compact size and sweet, calm demeanor make Penny a fan favorite! This little 14.2 hands, Chestnut beauty was our #1 lesson

horse and is perfect for riders of all ages and experience levels. Weight limit: 160 lbs. 

ty 1.png


Ty is a 23 year-old Irish Draught and is the tallest horse at the ranch, standing at approximately 17 hands. This gentle giant

was a hunter/jumper in his younger years

and accommodates larger riders

for a smooth, easy ride.

Weight limit: 225 lbs. 

Whiskey 1.png


Whiskey is a 20 year-old Spanish Mustang mare and stands around 15 hands. This stunning beauty has more whoa than go. 

Weight limit: 200 lbs 



Willie is a 23 year old Percheron gelding and stands around 15.3 hands. He is a former carriage horse and also served at a therapeutic riding facility. Willie is blind in his left eye, but that doesn't stop him from living his best life! This sweet boy is a great example of perseverance, strength, and gentleness.

Weight limit: 230 lbs.

 Great for Photo Shoots.....

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